20 Apr

Favorite Day Trips from Lodge Life Cable Wisconsin; is one of my favorites. But, be careful of seasonal closures as Cable business owners are snow birds in the Winter. As a popular winter and summer location, the shoulder seasons lend themselves to shop owners closing their shops and heading for the hills for their own R&R. From the Cabin, head through Hayward. Take a jaunt through My Villa Home Décor boutique (a very distinct ladies shop). You will pass the trailhead of the Birkie trail. You will also pass the SawMill Bar in Seeley a notorious ATV/UTV/Snowmobile stop (typical bar food, but may be worth the stop in if you are not planning to eat in Cable). Once in Cable, take some time to visit a few of my favorites. Grab a morning cup of Joe @ the Velo (a sweet coffee shop and deck - a huge hangout for the recreational bikers). Then, head to The Cable Library. an authentic dual room log cabin library worth the trip. The beautiful half hewn log shelves and stone fire place are quaint, and the local history and children’s sections could keep you there for a few hours. Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out (it closes fast!). If you have not had enough of books, head across the street to RedBerry Books and buy a Northwoods book or gift to take home. If that’s not your type, maybe a jaunt through Nordik Sleigh Antiques. There are a few lunch options there. For a more cafe setting, the Brick House Café offers a waitress service. If you want something more restaurant feeling, head to the Ideal Grocery, because in the back, is an authentic brick over pizza joint and the greatest casual artisan pizza. Plus you can pick up essentials from the grocery or books, or head out the back door to Tilly’s Pies for a take home pie for later. From there, head back across the street to check out the Cable Natural History Museum for your afternoon. You may want to check for events in advance to make sure you don’t miss anything (they have nature programs, speakers, excursions or just museum viewing). But, if you just drop in, the small museum will give you a flavor for the region. To top your night off right (or for a happy hour) take the long route home, hit Garmisch USA an authentic German supper club chalet & cocktail lounge (see the Blog “Restaurant’s worth Traveling For”. If you are looking for a shorter return route, take the same path home as you came, this time stop in Seeley @ the Sawmill Saloon for burgers and a beer. This is a popular spot for ATV and Snowmobilers. 

Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary in Sarona WI is a nature sanctuary and learning center on over 600 acres of land with over 13 miles of trails. This is a great day trip for families or singles, depending if you are looking for peaceful trails, or classes and camps or daily public programming. It is about a ½ hour from the cabin and a great place to bring a picnic lunch and spend some time. There is also a nature play-scape with a sand pit, mud kitchen, balanced logs, fort and more for kids to play within/ There are pre-scripted dedicated family Discovery trails, or more adult-on-your-own trails through Bogs and Woodlands. They do host events like weddings or programming, so be sure to check the schedule in advance. All are available here. www.hunthill.org As this is in Sarona, you have a few great options for dining, our favorites include the Roost in Sarona WI,  Creamery & Wine Bar in Haugen Wi, or Pine Brook Farm in Spooner WI, or River Street in Spooner WI or if you are looking for just a snack and a happy hour, check out the Perlick Distillery in Sarona WI before you head out of town.  

Spooner / Trego Rail Ride at the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad Excursion Train. This runs April-December, but is a popular attraction for family fun the fall colors. Spooner is about 15 minutes southwest of the cabin and there are a few great shops on Main Street and a few favorite restaurants for before or after. Select from the sightseeing excursion (45 minutes) the Pizza Train (90 minutes on weekends), Hobo nights, picnic trains and other themed events. Reservations Recommended. www.spoonertrainride.com. Spooner is also a great little area for shopping including places like Trillium HomeWares, Natural North Hand Crafted Log Furniture (really, its housewares and gifts), and be sure to take a swing through Spooner Outlet, Spooner Mercantile Co, and Spooner General Store to pick up things you never knew you needed. For those that are not into shopping, the Round Man Brewing Co is a great place to grab a pizza, burger, app of one of their family-owned home brews. It also has a patio.  If you are really feeling adventurous, just outside Spooner is Poor Richards Antiques, displayed more like a flee market than a store, you are bound for something unusual. Don't be afraid to do a little research before going, as there are many great shops, not along main street that may be worth a stop depending upon your interests; including: Northland Book and Fiber or Saw This (kayaks and chain saws), Sathers Jewelery and multiple antique stores.  

Antique & Flea Market Excursion: In you are the Antique & Flea Market type, you could easily make a day excursion visiting many of the unique area sites. With only a few minutes of the cabin...in Earl there is an old schoolhouse built in 1924 where you’ll find the home of Prock’s Crocks and Antiques. Seriously, what a PERFECT place for an antique shop. Be sure to check out the “garage” too, because that’s where I’ve found some of my absolute favorite treasures. On your way to Spooner, you’ll want to swing into Antique Adventures, and Poor Richard's Antiques. Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need to hit downtown Spooner where you’ll find the Copper Horse, Rusty Bucket and Antique Associates. They are on the same block, making it the perfect stop to really explore a variety of collections.  

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