01 Aug

So, it takes a discerning eye to know the places visited routinely, by locals. Those places that are not only the staples of the community, but that are the backbone of the community. Whenever, we can, we support these folks. They are not the chains, or the name brands. They are the authentic real-deal. 

MILLERS MARKET: located in downtown Hayward, they are literally "off" the beaten path. They are on the street behind the street, but the locals know how to get there (hint, it is also the known shortcut to beat the street lights during high season). Stop in for light groceries, but really stop in, for the absolute best deli sandwich to go, that the area offers. Great To-Go for ice fishing, a day on the lake or river or for a hike.

BACKROADS COFFEE & TEA: this locally owned Hayward area husband and wife shop features incredible small batch roasted beans (they roast their own at a separate location) and specialty teas. You can often find local art for sale on the walls, couches in the back for book club, some gift shop items, but their specialty are their drinks, cocoas and light food fare. 

MAINSTREET TACOS, Hayward: Sure, in the middle of the remote woods doesn't seem like a good spot to get tasty tacos, but this area will keep surprising you! This is authentic Mexican tacos and burritos by a mother-daughter duo, with family recipes and uber fresh ingredients. Located right on Main Street in downtown Hayward, this place does a great take out business. You can dine in as well, but with limited tables, plan to sit in groups of two or three. But, for a simple, fresh incredient meal, this is your place! 

Henson's Country Foods in MYNONG: This is ... the real deal. You literally can get liquor, dog treats, local farm-fresh eggs, food and feed all from the same establishment. And the worn floor prooves it! OK, you can't eat there, it is more like a small town, rural grocery store, but the experience is worth the trip and so are the prices. Plus, since Mynong is the home of Jack Links, this store has a whole dedicated selection of dried meat products, perfect for a day on the boat, or out hunting. 

LOG CABIN restaurant in Danbury WI. OK, so this is a bit outside the local area beat ... but, if you are the least bit curious where to buy bait + furs + gas + beef Jerky + cabin decor + ammo + a hearty meal ... then this is your place. Literally, it is multiple stops in one. From the outside, it may look like a large truck stop - and it sort of is - but the meals are hearty. And, when you are done, you can buy some lures, some socks and a mountain dew for the road. 

HAYWARD FAMILY Restaurant: if you are the type to pass up the non-descript restaurant with the big RESTAURANT FOOD sign out front, as being something a little ... well generic, you might miss out on an incredible local meal. All from scratch food, this place is a solid meal. It is by no stretch gourmet, but the service is great, the food fresh, and the meals hearty. This is a favorite for big breakfasts or filling hot meal on a snowy day. 

OUTBACK PIZZA: (check out the blog on Pizza).. 

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