14 May

It's classic Wisconsin; fish fry. When in the SW you eat TexMex, at the beach, fish tacos, but here in Wisconsin, there is nothing more authentic that Friday-night-fish. And we have some favorites. There are some tips for novices though. There is nothing more popular on Friday nights in Wisconsin, except perhaps high school football, so, plan for that. If you head out and plan to eat at prime dinner hour, plan to wait, and know that service will be a bit taxed. If the night is young, take advantage and show up at 4, sit on the deck at the lake, and order your meal before the dinner hour sets in. They when the busy happens, you are basking in the glory of having the cooks best attention, and enjoy the rest of the evening sipping your beer.

If you don't mind a short drive, one of our favorites is Mary's Blue Gill in Stone Lake http://bluegillbarwisconsin.com/about/ That's because at Mary's, you have your choice of fish. Most offer cod only, and though good and flaky, especially with the right batter, Mary's offers a choice of 3 types of fish, including a combo. At least one of your meals should be the bluegill; a triangular piece of denser white fish. And the sides are pretty great, too.

If you are looking for the classic, deck overlooking the sunset, coupled with beer and fish, we have our favorite for that, too! It's McKenzie's Landing in Spooner. The Fish fry, on deck, with cold brew is our favorite. But, if you have those in your party that are not ready to take the Wisconsin deep dive into beer battered fried foods, they also have jumbo shrimp, canadian walleye, blackened tuna, and for the adventure seekers, frog legs! located at: 1350 County Hwy E, Spooner WI (715)635-2520

Always fresh, a full menu of always made from scratch, plus a lake and sunset view, try the authentic Northwoods feel Webb Lake Tavern in Danbury WI. They also have a fantastic slow-roasted reuben sandwich, Ellsworth Cheese Deep-Fried cheese curds (with a drizzle of Wisconsin applewood maple syrup), and a great Cajun broiled Walleye, or blackened salmon salad. https://www.webblaketavern.com

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