23 Jan

Pizza. A lot of people do it, but let's be honest. It's not all that amazing. Some of the bars have the frozen stuff. But when you are looking for that good stuff ... that's where this blog comes in! Each place we selected has their own unique thing going for them. Whether it is the cheese factor, the brick oven Smokey flavor, the incredible décor and the experience, these are our favorites. 

OUTBACK (Mynong Area): This place ... you'd drive by if you didn't know any better. Unless, you are on Snowmobile Trail 8, and you see a sign for a restaurant 1 mile down a spur ... or unless you knew first hand the goodness that awaits you. This place has our FAVORITE pizza so far. Steve and his wife own the joint. Their yellow lab (Sunny) is a constant companion. You may even find the dogs toys laying around the restaurant floor. They moved here from Hugo MN when they decided they needed a change of pace and they don't regret is at all! You will see a hint of Vikings hidden among the décor on the wall among some wildlife, and a really sweet mixed drink specialties list (they have a healthy list of sweet cocktails for $5-7. The pizzas are AMAZING and very filling. Trust him when he tells you how many hungry (hunters, snowmobilers, fisherman or hungry family members) each can feed. The white chicken is our favorite, but there is also the brat and kraut, buffalo or standard sausage / pep. Plus, the bloody Mary's and cocktails while you wait are a great deal. And .. if pizza is not your thing, they are the only ones in town that offer the FISH FRY + BUFFALO Wing Friday special. Please note ... if its slow, Steve will think nothing of closing early. And, you are likely to get best service if you are wearing Carhart, Snowmobile Gear, or Mossy Oak. 

COOPS Pizza (Hayward Area): This is the staple in town and you can't go wrong. Decked out in a log cabin, the décor inside out outside screams Northwoods. Lots of pizza options, nothing too crazy, but definitely a mix to feed both your foodie and "just cheese" eaters. More family style in décor, they are known for their wild game on the wall, and large lake fish tank swimming next to the tables. An honest little salad bar will round out all of the dairy, and if you are so willing, they have a "buy a round" for the kitchen staff option that may result in a bit more goodies on your pizza! pretty consistent, reliable and often have coupons around town. A great choice, after shopping main street. 

the RIVERS eatery (Cable Area): These folks know how to do brick oven pizza. The the locals and repeat visitors know it. In fact, reservations are suggested during high season. So is calling ahead to see if they are open, as they may close for winter, have reduced hours, or just decide, we are closing tonight at 7:45! But, they have GREAT pizza and can feed a lot of interests. First, they have gluten options. Second, they offer brick over and beer and soda. Third, they are attached to a book store / grocery so there is much to feed the mind and soul as well. And, if that is not enough ... the area is KNOWN for Cross Country skiing and mountain biking and you can tell by the décor and the guests! And ... they have incredible combinations, farm to table ingredients, salad and wine parings. And for those of you that wear Northface, Specialized, Fox Ranger and others ... you will fit right in! Plus, the brick oven pizza is smoky and amazing.

Zia’s in Webster is a summer favorite. This local Italian stop has traditional indoor dining (if the weather mandates .. and the food is great!) but the real fun is the outdoor garage-style, open-air patio. Lift up the doors, open the bar, invite sone friends, and feast on pizza, pasta and meatballs. https://ziasitalian.com/

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