14 May

This area is known for its quirky antique shops, resort decor  and off-the wall-everything-including the kitchen sink kinds of stores. Whatever you are looking for, we have. 

Furniture and Decor: Retreat Home Furniture is the superstore of cabin decor! The hand selected pieces, antiques and newly crafted furniture and decor and accessories will have you dreaming of your own cabin. Located in downtown Hayward.  As long as you are in Hayward, it is a jackpot of decor and antique stores, as not far away is Red Shed Antiques, Upnorth Antiques and Decor and Rivers Edge Antiques.  If you are up for more travel, Trillium Decor (literally feels like it came from the cities) in downtown Spooner and Naturally North Decor are each small, boutique scale housewares and decor stores. Keep the travel going, and hit Dressy Log Furniture in Stone Lake WI, your literal superstore of hand crafted log furniture. 

Ladies Clothing: Main Street Hayward has a few clothing shops we frequent, depending upon what you are looking for. Outward Adventures carries recreational apparel and if you are hitting the trails, course or just want the Recreational Athi-leisure, this is your stope. Across the street, and down a bit is a personal favorite, Ahlgren's Boutique. This is the go to for your going-out attire, ladies day, or dressy business attire. A drive from here, is downtown Stone Lake is a wonderful day trip (20 minutes away) with clothing stores, wine shops and delis. Start at the Indigo; a store created for the dreamers, the go getters, the women with fearless hearts; who love an effortless look, but are also willing to break free of fads, and dress for themselves

Oddities and Everything stores. For this excursion, you have to start in downtown Spooner. Spooner Outlet carries everything from fishing poles to wool socks to toys but i to hardware and is worth the stop. Likely one of the large shoe sales collections around and over 6000 square feet of retail floor area. Down the street you will find Spooner Mercantile and Spooner General, and equally quirky shopping experience with room after room. Be sure to walk the whole street as long as you are here, small shops do turn over. (a stop at the Dock coffee, Round Man Brewing, RiverStreet and Spooner Back Shop are all worth it for a bite to eat, and for less quirky shops, don't forget a stop at Northwoods Book & Fiber since 1933, Naturally North Decor. Trillium Decor, 

Quilting, Fabric Book Art stores: In Hayward you will find one of the finest fiber art stop. Rivers Edge Antiques offers plenty of decor, but this unique shop is 2 stops in one, sharing its space with the Quilt Loft. The Quilt Loft has over 4000 bolts of fabric, hand-dyed fabrics, wools, books and patterns. In Spooner you will find Northwoods Book and Fiber showcasing their hundreds of yards, needles and patterns and literally hundreds of books. And before you think these fiber stores shipped in the product from far off locations, think again. The area is known for our organic farmsteads and fiber farms, read more about it, here: Three Rivers Fibershed Blog — Home 

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