27 Feb

Looking for things to do? Places to go? Certain trails for certain things? this is the place for you! let us know what you think and give us some recommendations if you have any! Seriously, if you are looking for trail access, for any season or any sport, this is your area. Take off directly from the cabin, or hit multiple trails within 12-15 minutes from the cabin: 

  • Wild Rivers State Trail: this is a shared snowmobile, snowshoe, ATV, hiking, cross country skiing, and horseback riding trail. It’s a maintained 104 mile Wisconsin State trail through 3 counties, from Superior to Rice Lake, crosses many rivers and other trails, through a few small towns with stops on the way. This is a part of the St Croix National River Scenic Riverway. Take off directly from the cabin going west on Highway F and you will hit it by Trego. Here’s the trail MSP for machines: https://www.washburncounty.org/images/custom/maps/washburn-co-snowmobile-atv-map-combined.pdf

More of a MTB/ Cycling kind of person? Here  you go. it’s cycling and MTB season! Take off directly from the cabin, or hit multiple trails within 12-15 minutes from the cabin: 

  • Biking Trails: you like riding? Like really like, riding? This is the area for you. The terrain changes in Northwest Woods to the glacial paths years ago, but the highs and lows, and chisels rock outcroppings and dense forest leads to incredible biking opportunities. This is a great resource to start: https://www.washburncounty.org/what-to-do/biking or, if you are up for the Birke, either watching or riding, we are about 25 minutes from the race start and less from the watching spots. 

the shoulder season (spring and fall); can be the best for taking in the scenic transformation of the area.  You can take off directly from the cabin, but to maximize view and experience, we receive bed driving to the trailheads. Many can be hit within 12-15 minutes from the cabin: Hiking Trails abound up here! Experience levels vary and so do the trails, given the topo changes and trail length. The Trego nature Trail is a 3.5-mile round trip hike through woods and along the Namekagon River. Good, easy incline. The Trego Lake is the same distance along a waterway with multiple loops and is dog friendly. But seriously, how do you choose one? We are close to the Beaver Brook Trail, the Heartwood trails, the College Street Park Trails, Hunt Hill, Nordic, Ice Age … if you are looking for a good local resource, check https://www.washburncounty.org/what-to-do/hiking-and-wildlife-viewing if you want something more broadly, have you ever tried the AllTrails App? If you haven’t, download it. It’s free, it gives great hiking trail reviews nationally. It’s a little slim in this area but has the Trego Trail. but is also great for future travels.

ATV and UTV trails; for our woods-and-wheels types Are you more of the motorized nature- viewing type? We have that too! Take off directly from the cabin, or hit multiple trails within 12-15 minutes from the cabin: 

  • ATV/UTV trails: the great thing about trails around here … it doesn’t matter if you have an ATV or UTV. Country trails support both! No extra planning is required for the UTV sized cats. Whoo Hoo! Washburn County has over 49,000 acres of forest open to motorized travel on all established roads and trails; 78,000 acres of forest with roads open to motorized travel on a two-mile density, and 21,000 acres closed to all motorized travel. You may have to register your ITV. See the DNR page. But the trails are great: https://www.washburncounty.org/what-to-do/atv

 it’s the fishing seasonNot only are our lakes great for fishing, but our rivers are excellent too! Bluegill, walleye, and trout are all bountiful in the area. For lake maps, log onto the DNR website.

Plus, if you did not bring your boat, no need to worry! There are many locations in the area that you can rent a boat, whether for fishing, recreational, or canoeing. Be sure to visit the County website and the DNR website to find the best fishing spots around. https://www.washburncounty.org/what-to-do/fishing

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