Favorite Local-Area Breakfasts & Dining

Coops Pizza - Downtown Hayward

This is a easy stop for pizza dinner, and soup /salad / pizza bar. The northwoods theme restaurant is all wood inside, cabin aesthetic, with lots of area animal trophies on the walls. There is a small game room, and a large fresh water fish tank showcasing fish of the area. It is not fancy, but a solid family pizza meal. 

Angry Minnow - Downtown Hayward

This is more from scratch kitchen experience with a curated menu of a handful of soup, sandwich, salad and dinner options. It is in a former MillWright building and lovely inside. Plus, they also offer made on site brews, labeled under the Angry Minnow Name and full bar and offer summer patio experiences and indoor winter experiences. The may be closed on the shoulder seasons as the owners leave to vacation. 

River Street - Downtown Hayward or Downtown Spooner

This is a family style diner experience. The breakfast are large, with a Sunday morning breakfast buffet, and fantastic sandwiches and burgers. The staff are typical diner experience staff, attentive, a bit coy and with a slightly fun, sarcastic dinner attitude. This is definitely, a place the locals eat. 

MainStreet Tacos - Downtown Hayward

This is a great little stop at the end of the shopping area in downtown. Fresh casual american and southwest style tacos. Newly renovated in 2020/2021 and a great family business. 

Old Southern BBQ (the original Famous Dave's) on Round Lake @ Grand Pines Resort

This was the home and location of the first Famous Dave's BBQ. That's right, the chain, started right here in Hayward. Of course, the original lodge restaurant burned down, and Famous Dave expanded into a national chain and then ... they kicked him off the board. So, he returned to his roots and opened (Jimmy's) Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse. As Hayward areas stretches far (and into townships) this is a bit of a longer drive from the cabin, but a fun brush with fame, none-the-less. 

The Steakhouse and Lodge - Hayward WI

This is our favorite steak house in town. It is in a hotel and resort and does offer white table cloth dining, but we always eat in the bar, which is a little more fine dining than most resort bars. Still family friendly, but a good steak in the Northwoods.  They have wonderfully selected steaks, chops and some fish, in an intimate experience and full bar. Though "Flat Creek" is right next door ... we'd choose this one every team. Reservations recommended. 

The Ranch Supper Club - Hayward WI

They are known for their fish selections and finer dining, though, also have great steak selections. This is definitely one of the more up scale lodge-like places in the area, although, it is the northwoods, and is still family friendly. It's known for good service and friendly atmosphere, and does have a cabin-aesthetic. Reservations recommended. 

Garmish - Resort & Bar / Lounge - Cable WI

This one is a trip. Probably about an hour from the cabin, but definitely worth the experience. This is a traditional lodge supper club, with cloth tables, big antler chandeliers and an incredible view of the lake. And the resort itself and the main lodge are also worth the site. The original lodge is an intimate space with only a few rooms, but a great lobby experience with soaring fireplace and that smoky north woods smell when you enter.  Reservations recommended.